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Flight Operations
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Since our inception over two decades ago, Pax Assist has been honored to provide flight operations, weight & balance, and passenger services to the airlines of JFK Airport. Because our personnel are professional, safety-conscious, and customer-focused, we continue to enhance customer loyalty, drive repeat business, boost positive brand image, and avoid costly customer complaints and lawsuits.



Most Experienced Workforce

PAX enjoys the lowest turnover rate in the industry, which translates into workers who’ve mastered their jobs and can therefore offer you superior service.

Professional Management

All PAX’s management team has extensive airline industry experience including degrees in Aviation Business Management and FAA dispatcher licenses. Our seasoned, well-qualified team knows how to run an efficient, effective operation.

Automated Data Collection

State of the art technology enables us to provide service exactly when and where it’s needed. Our automated data collection system enables PAX to determine the resources we need on any given day, and to pre-position those resources as needed. This application ensures that a PAX agent can respond immediately when a wheelchair request is received from an airline. This system will also provide valuable statistics and feedback about flight + passenger operations to help carriers improve their own operations.

Value-Driven Pricing

Low staff turnover, automated data collection, professional management, efficient training, and well-documented procedures allow PAX to offer top quality services at the best available price.

Elevate Your Customer Service

Every PAX staff member is trained to focus on passenger needs as their number one priority. Should a customer service issue arise, they will immediately provide effective and efficient corrective action to resolve that issue. This unparalleled customer-focused service means many fewer complaints and many more satisfied airline passengers.

Flight & Passenger
Flight & Passenger
Flight & Passenger

Stand out through Specialized Service

All services are provided by staff trained exclusively in Flight Ops (including weight & balance) and Passenger Services (including wheelchair handling, skycap services, and baggage services) so that passengers receive the very highest quality service. We train our staff in sensitivity, courtesy, and proven best practices for providing safe assistance to passengers. We also require six-month follow-up training, to make sure that staff member continue to provide the highest standard of service.

superior training

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