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Our Story

In 2007, PAX Assist opened its doors as a New York-based “Transport chair Only” service company. Pax Assist immediately began working on technology innovations to improve the quality of service provided to passengers who needed a transport chair while reducing costs for their airline partners. Two years after launch in March 2009 Pax Assist captured 70% of JFK Terminal Four airline clientele.

After continued innovation and multiple successful deployments, in April 2013 they bid for and won the Terminal Four contract as the sole transport chair provider for all IAT clientele. In July 2017, Pax Assist bid for and won the JFK Delta T2 contract.  Due to the resounding success with T2, they were awarded the entire JFK Delta contract in November 2017.

Pax Assist took their knowledge from assisting millions of passengers with disabilities and developed Jetweels as a solution to many travel-related problems.

Meet the CEO

Esma Dahbali

Esma Dahbali is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and the founder and CEO of Pax Assist Inc. She is an aviation enthusiast and a passionate human rights activist. Her career in the industry started as a pilot and a trained and licensed flight dispatcher. In 1997 she became an FAA licensed Advanced Ground Instructor. In 2007, her passion for the industry and people with disability led to the foundation of Pax Assist Inc., seeking to improve the service provided to Passengers with Reduced Mobility. In 2012, she began developing the world’s first transparent and non-metallic transport chair known as Jetweels. Jetweels will provide the much-needed solution for that invasive pat-down for passengers that cannot walk through the metal detectors at airport security.

She has a Master’s Degree in Transport Management and was a Professor at the College of Aeronautics.


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