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PAX Security operations are based on current and proven methods and techniques that have been developed by law enforcement departments and counter-terrorism agencies to counter known and anticipated threats.   We constantly review our procedures to ensure our training incorporates scenarios that ensures the highest quality security product.


PAX is positioned to assume all of your airport and terminal security requirements including:

  • Terminal Security
  • Terminal frontage security and traffic management
  • Alarm response for A.O.A. access and sterile areas
  • Security mobile patrol for A.O.A.
  • Airline passenger check in verification and screening
  • Baggage area and cargo security
  • Aircraft security and jetway aircraft identification verification
  • Construction and terminal maintenance escorts
  • Security mobile escorts for tenant deliveries
  • Thermal screening employee and passenger programs

Our Team


We are experienced at providing personal commitment and service to our clients and business partners. We stress vigilance and safety to our security officers and supervisors. Innovative technology is used to assist our partners and promote operational efficiency for cost effectiveness.


Security guard officers are carefully chosen based on their experience, aptitude, skill, professionalism, and mannerisms. Our in-house Professional training program covers all of the areas required by state law. All of our officers are fully licensed by  New York State.


Vehicles are up-to-date with emergency lights, are highly visible giving an official and professional look. Our guards are equipped with the latest technology giving us the ability to track in: work hours, scheduling, accounting, and create customized billing into a client’s desired format.


Fluent in English, some agents have Multi Lingual capabilities

Radio Etiquette

All security officers have been trained on Radio Etiquette

Trained & Experienced

We only hire experienced, energetic, ambitious, and promotable employees. By soliciting feedback and suggestions, combined with better wages, employees feel valued, translating into a more experienced workforce.

Excellent Customer Service

We treat staff as partners by actively soliciting their feedback and ideas. This translates into a more experienced workforce familiar with airport operations and providing a better customer service experience.

Fully Prepared

All Guards are professionally attired and have necessary equipment including radios, PPE Equipment, thermometers, and appropriate forms


All security officers are in professional uniforms and have necessary equipment such as: radios, PPE equipment, hand wands, and appropriate forms.


Aviation and terminal safety & security training, post order instruction and hand held metal detector training. 


DR1 port authority training, AOA Drivers training, and general rules and regulations for security officers.


DHA active shooter training.


Sexual harassment and harassment training, customer service training and security officer professionalism training.

about the training

Extensive Training

Our Security Services division was created due to high demand in security needs at JFK Airport. Operations are based on current and proven methods and techniques that have been developed in response to counter threats found by law enforcement departments and counter terrorism agencies. We constantly review our procedures to ensure our training incorporates scenarios that ensures the highest quality security product, no matter the assignment size.


Guard. Protect. Secure.

Our Licensed professional security guards provide highly trained manpower, which combined with cutting edge technology, produces the best security for our clients:

superior training

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